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Dr Kyra has been on the forefront of holistic emotional wellbeing for over 20 years. She received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1995 and has studied extensively in the field of holistic health including meditation, hypnotherapy, intuition development, herbalism, flower essence therapy, and indigenous healing traditions. She has developed her own proprietary style of hypnotherapy called Release & Empowerment Hypno-Meditation (REHM) and is author of The Currency Cure and The Strength of Sensitivity.

Expert in Meditation Flower Essence Healing

the strength of sensitivity book

Available at amazon & bookstores worldwide.

Anyone longing to thrive as a highly sensitive person should read this warm, supportive book…The Strength of Sensitivity is a go-to volume for those moving through life feeling strained by the intensity of their various sensitivities…Read the complete review at ForeWord Reviews

“I felt like it was written just for me... It’s a beautiful thing to have someone understand, to know what it’s like to be a highly sensitive person. All my life I have been told, “you’re too sensitive,” or “you’re overreacting,” when really I have always just felt things (emotions, energy) very deeply. I’ve always felt different and at times isolated, so this book helped me to feel “normal.” She shined a light on some areas for me that I’ve struggled with and provided so much hope and guidance. The exercises and meditations were eye opening and I realized just how negative I can be with myself and how that affects my day to day life - not to mention my issues with food sensitivities!!” -Reader review, Goodreads

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podcasts for sensitive souls

Are you a highly sensitive person who sometimes feels overwhelmed by your emotions and empathic ability? This podcast episode is FOR YOU!


  1. What flower essence therapy is and the #1 most helpful flower essence remedy
  2. The benefits of body-centered meditation
  3. The vital importance of connecting with nature

Many thanks to Anita Nowak for this fun interview on her Purposeful Empathy podcast on YouTube and Spotify.

The Currency cure workbook/playbook/coloring book

"A playful, creative approach that nonetheless digs deep to uncover the roots of your money blockages with tools to rise above them"

The Currency Cure lightens up the heavy topic of financial struggle and gives you fun, fast, creative tools to overcome money stress and find financial peace of mind.

Part self-help book, part coloring-activity-workbook, The Currency Cure is 100% uplifting! It’s the surprising solution to your painful financial frustrations.

Available now on amazon.

infinity meditation from the currency cure

This 20 minute meditation will ease your responses to money stress and give you a new outlook on prosperity and abundance!

This is the infinity meditation from chapter 6 of The Currency Cure.

Follow along with this video from Dr Kyra’s YouTube channel.

Reader reviews of The Currency Cure:

I’m empowered about finances for the first time in my life

Now I see money as a partner in my life, not something to fear

Money and I are on much friendlier terms now. What a tremendous development!

It dug down to my underlying issues, so I no longer have the same money issues happening over and over

I did not realize how much I was programmed by family and society to mishandle my finances. This book gave me the tools to reprogram myself in very positive ways

Who would have thought a book about money could be so fun?

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